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LPAC Policy Committee – August 4, 2014

The members of the LaRouchePAC Policy committee meet via Google Hangouts to discuss the revolutionary outlook represented by the commitment of China to develop Space and Fusion resources, as contrasted to President Obama’s repudiation of African nations, to tell them … Continue reading

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Russia To Colonize Moon by 2030

Russia has drafted a program for colonization of the Moon, and plans to send the first expeditions to build a permanent lunar base in 2030, Izvestia wrote on Thursday (as reported in Ria Novosti), citing an official document. “The Moon … Continue reading

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Chinese Researchers Are Planning Their Energy and Industrial Base on the Moon

Chinese scientists and engineers are working on designs for a lunar base, which will include “new energy development and living space expansion,” according to a manager of the Chang’e-3 spacecraft, speaking at the Shanghai Science Communication Forum, as reported in … Continue reading

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Chinese Laboratory Experiments Simulate Growing Food on the Moon

A team of scientists from a number of Chinese institutions is conducting a series of experiments, growing a variety of basic crops under a simulated lunar environment. The Yuegong-1 laboratory, staffed by scientists from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, … Continue reading

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