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Manhattan Town Hall event with Diane Sare and Thomas Wysmuller

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member Diane Sare and former NASA scientist Thomas Wysmuller evoke the “can do” spirit of JFK and the Apollo 11 Moon landing as a necessary paradigm to meet the challenge of solving America’s economic breakdown crisis today. … Continue reading

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Part X: A Fusion Driver Crash Program: Upshifting the Human Species

Discovering LaRouche’s Method: A New York Class Series on Economics By exerting full control over the atomic nucleus, mankind will move beyond mere chemical and physical recombination of the elements, to the fine-tuned creation of elements, and the associated energies … Continue reading

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Exploring the Stars with LaRouche’s Four Laws

(Jan. 6, 2017) — NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson is seen during a spacewalk during Expedition 50 aboard the International Space Station.   Some of you reading this today will later go on to become astronauts exploring new worlds. That is … Continue reading

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Lunar Industrialization and Settlement

With the inauguration of the Trump administration (and the departure of Obama), the U.S. space program is faced with the opportunity to return to the Moon, reversing the decades of take down of the manned space program. Here, we present … Continue reading

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Kesha Rogers on the 46th Anniversary of the Apollo 14 Moon Landing

Feb. 5. 1971, Shepard stands by the Modular Equipment Transporter (MET). The MET was a cart for carrying around tools, cameras and sample cases on the lunar surface. Photo: NASA   by Kesha Rogers February 5th marked the 46th anniversary … Continue reading

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No Mars ‘End Run’ for America — Back to Space Greatness

German-American space pioneer Krafft Ehricke (left) discusses a satellite model for human habitation, July 22, 1958, prior to the first human flight into space.   DOWNLOAD PDF When the future plans and missions of the United States in space come … Continue reading

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No Time to Wait: Pass Glass-Steagall and Go to the Moon (including transcript)

    Two and a half weeks after the election of Donald Trump, the situation is ripe to reshape U.S. policy. Why wait for the news of the latest cabinet appointments, when we could push Glass-Steagall through during this session … Continue reading

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