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Collapse of Russiagate Exposes the British Hand Behind Attempted Coup in USA

As I’m sure you’re now aware, special counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called Russiagate report admits there was no evidence of collusion by President Trump or his campaign with Russia (leaving no legal basis for any charge of obstruction of justice). This … Continue reading

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The Power of Nemesis

President Donald J. Trump, escorted by Mai Phuoc Dung, Director General of State Protocol of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, walks along a red carpet from Air Force One and reviews an Honor Cordon upon his arrival Tuesday, Feb. 26, … Continue reading

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Schiller Institute Presidents’ Day Conference – Panels I, II & III

The Schiller Institute held the first U.S. national conference in over fifteen years on President’s Day weekend, yielding a tremendous success in respects to the quality of presentations and the participation by supporters around the world attending the conference. The … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – Moving the World Forward

  A slowly emerging wave of recognition is gathering internationally as to the significance of Lyndon LaRouche who died last week at the age of 96. The canned obits written by his hysterical opponents in London, Washington, and New York … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Lyndon LaRouche’s Passion and Dedication are Everywhere Around Us

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)   Among the statements of support and condolence coming in from around the world to his wife Helga and … Continue reading

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Lyndon LaRouche: The Immortal Talent of Martin Luther King, Jr.

What was it that allowed Martin Luther King to wield his mind and personality as such a powerful and effective force for justice; that his words and deeds now live long after him and still boldy stir the human soul? … Continue reading

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This Moment in History—Lyndon LaRouche’s Moment

DOWNLOAD PDF A dialog between Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and members of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee yesterday, brought out sharply the unique, new opportunities and dangers of the present, unprecedented historical conjuncture. Although other people were involved as well, the … Continue reading

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