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Obama Lied to get Obamacare Passed

Barack Obama repeatedly lied to the American people to get Obamacare passed, and Republican elected officials are hammering the president on this question. At least four Sunday talk shows aired part or all of the famous Obama statement from 2009: … Continue reading

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Question 4 from the Nov. 9th Webcast, on National vs. Business Economics

The fourth and final question of the sixth in a series of Friday webcasts by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American population, leading out of the November 6th presidential elections. The question was on the difference between thinking about Economics … Continue reading

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Democratic near panic in Washington as Mitt Romney bandwagon rolls — Contrast in mood with happy Republicans is very evident as race closes

By Niall O’Dowd (publisher.  Irish Central, Irish Voice) (O’Dowd has identified himself as a Democratic Party supporter, with Bill Clinton’s actions in the Good Friday Agreement “sealing the deal” for him. So his candid report on the mood of Democratic … Continue reading

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The Parties Are Over

On September 9th, during the festivities held to celebrate his 90th birthday, Lyndon LaRouche gave a keynote address to his associates and to the nation. Video MP3 Audio Transcript

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Vote for Paul Ryan? That’s rich! Romney VP pick most extreme candidate ever to run

Here they come, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Two grinning robots that want to take your money. And some of you are even going to vote for them. Romney’s plan is to give record tax breaks to the rich, lowering … Continue reading

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Aug. 12 (LPAC)–Mitt Romney’s deliberately vague campaign assertions about budget cuts “just took on a much harder edge” with his selection of House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate, the {New York Times} editorial stated yesterday. Ryan … Continue reading

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Even Sandy Weill Rejected Megabanks, Why Won’t Mitt Romney?

By Eliot Spitzer So Former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill, the father of two horrendous ideas (megabanks and financial deregulation), has come around, acknowledging that the premise of his repeal-Glass-Steagall ideology is wrong. Even Weill now says: Break up the banks … Continue reading

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