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As Neocons Move to Box Trump In, Developments in Italy Point the Way Toward the New Paradigm

The ongoing battle between two paradigms was center stage in Italy this week, as the conference cosponsored by Movisol and the Lombard Region, demonstrated the potential for the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) to break the power of the London-run geopoliticians in … Continue reading

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In Italy, a Great Historical Moment – LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

  History may record an event in Italy held yesterday as the premier event out of which a new human renaissance was born. Italy and China are involved in discussions about bringing the Great Belt and Road Initiative of infrastructure … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Lyndon LaRouche’s Passion and Dedication are Everywhere Around Us

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)   Among the statements of support and condolence coming in from around the world to his wife Helga and … Continue reading

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In Defense of Columbus and the Principle of Scientific Discovery

  Following her “Open Letter to President Trump in Defense of Columbus”, Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman, Movisol, (LaRouche’s Movement in Italy) addresses the Manhattan Project to tell the truth about Columbus’ spirit of discovery and his achievements that benefited all of … Continue reading

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Open Letter To President Donald Trump In Defense of Columbus

Statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle, New York. Photo: faungg’s photos   by Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman, Movisol President Donald Trump The White House Washington, D.C. Mr. President: As an Italian citizen and chairwoman of Movisol, Lyndon LaRouche’s … Continue reading

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MoviSol’s Celani Calls for Glass-Steagall & New Silk Road in Major Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten Interview

The German economic online journal Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten published a lengthy interview with Claudio Celani Sunday on the issue of the euro and alternatives to it. DWN identified Celani as “a journalist and co-editor of the EIR Strategic Alert Newsletter, … Continue reading

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Roncole Festival Revives Verdi’s Tradition and A=432 Hz

by Carlos Valdivieso On Aug. 11-13, 2015, in front of Verdi’s birthplace in Roncole, Italy, the first Roncole Verdi Festival was held in honor of maestro Giuseppe Verdi, with three evenings of concerts and visits to the birthplace. The event … Continue reading

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Natalia Vitrenko and Ukrainian Delegation Visit in Italy

Italy was the last leg of the European tour by the Ukrainian delegation led by Natalia Vitrenko. The group had meetings at the Lombardy Regional Council in Milan and a public event at the Tuscany Regional Council in Florence. Both … Continue reading

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The Fight for Glass-Steagall in Europe

It has been clear to both advocates and opponents of Glass-Steagall, that, once the United States returned to this principle, Western Europe would be soon to follow. Indeed, the political drumbeat for what could be called a “Global Glass-Steagall” has … Continue reading

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Austerity Kills; the U.S. and Europe

Wherever the policy is enacted, Austerity kills. That has always been the intention of the policy of the Anglo-Dutch Empire, and the effects are such when implemented, be it by the Obama Presidency or the EU system. Here are several … Continue reading

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