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No, John Bull, The Markets Do Not Supersede Humanity

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to China, November 10, 2017 Photo: White House   DOWNLOAD PDF Within hours of the President of Italy rejecting the slate of ministers submitted by the majority coalition, while issuing a speech … Continue reading

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City of London’s Foolish Coup Against Italy Will Hasten a Financial Crash

  DOWNLOAD PDF The London-centered eurodollar elite have just used Italy’s State President to block its democratically elected majority government from taking office, effectively carrying out a coup against Italy. Now, can any doubt remain, that British intelligence circles and … Continue reading

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Italy and Glass-Steagall Could Save Europe — The Threat is From the City of London

photo by Dave Kellam   DOWNLOAD PDF The latest terrible “Russian threat” is now claimed to be coming from the two parties which have agreed to form a new government in Italy. Stalwarts of European stagnation and financial speculation are … Continue reading

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The British Have Shown Their Hand

SIS Building Or MI6 Building, or Legoland, or Babylon-on-Thames; HQ of the British Secret Service at Vauxhall Cross on the south bank of the Thames. Designed by Terry Farrell and completed in 1994. (Photo flickr.com/photos/duncanh1/)   DOWNLOAD PDF The British … Continue reading

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Manhattan Town Hall event with Diane Sare, Jason Ross and Hal Cooper

Diane Sare, Jason Ross and Hal Cooper use the advances in economic science developed by Lyndon LaRouche to get to the core of what really makes economic growth, and the the policies needed to foster it. Concretely, applying this thinking … Continue reading

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Without Joining In Asia’s New Silk Road, Trump Is Facing A Financial Crash

President Donald J. Trump walks down the West Colonnade of the White House | January 3, 2018 DOWNLOAD PDF   President Donald Trump’s administration cannot miss any more opportunities if it is going to carry out the intention for which, … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Investment Breaks Back into Trump’s Agenda

Immediate funding for protective and productive infrastructure projects, in multiple U.S. states and in Puerto Rico, has forced its way back onto President Donald Trump’s plans as he prepares for an 11-day trip to Asia which includes a crucial summit … Continue reading

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