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Cheminade’s Presidential Bid Validated by the Constitutional Council

The French Constitutional Council announced on March 18 the 11 Presidential candidates who had each received at least 500 duly validated “presentations” from elected officials throughout the country — and Jacques Cheminade is among them, after a hard-fought battle by … Continue reading

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British Government Directs U.S. “Allies'” Intelligence Surveillance against United States, Trump

British direction of the intelligence operation to overthrow President Trump for seeking normal relations with Russia, is an open secret. Three weeks ago, Newsweek published an article describing extensive coordination between U.S. purported “allies” in NATO in intelligence surveillance against … Continue reading

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U.S. Opposition to Silk Road Belt is Like King Canute Trying to Stop the Tide

A very insightful article in the “Indian Punchline” blog by M.K. Bhadrakumar, notes the stark contrast between the conflict in Syria, and the arrival in Tehran of the first Chinese train along that new link of the Silk Road Belt. … Continue reading

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Weekly Report Christman 2014

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Dr. Mahathir Warns that the West Is Provoking a World War

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad warned yesterday on his blog that the U.S. and NATO are attempting to provoke a world war. Ridiculing the hypocrisy of Western leaders accusing Russia of “threatening the world,” and in particular Obama’s … Continue reading

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Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan: Obama’s Favorite Neocons Scheme for War on Russia

President Barack Obama has inherited his neoconservative foreign and national security policy from the very same people who were instrumental in the Bush-Cheney era policy of permanent war and regime change. That continuity is most clearly expressed in the husband-wife … Continue reading

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LaRouche Delivers a Blunt Assessment of War Danger

Lyndon LaRouche has delivered a series of pointed warnings of the imminent danger of general war targeting the key Eurasian nations of Russia and China, as the result of a number of recent provocations. In discussions with colleagues over the … Continue reading

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LaRouche: Colored Revolutions “Illegal Warfare Under International Law & Federal Constitution”

LaRouche: Colored Revolutions “Illegal Warfare Under International Law & Federal Constitution” In a webcast on Friday June 6, 2014, Lyndon LaRouche called for the impeachment of Barack Obama for continuing to conduct war as did Bush and Cheney on behalf … Continue reading

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Japan and NATO Meet, Sign Cooperative Program

During a visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to NATO headquarters, the two sides signed an “individual partnership and cooperation program” that will serve as a roadmap for future joint activities, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. The substance … Continue reading

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LaRouche: “If Obama is blocked, World War III, started by the British, will not function”

The British Empire’s demented drive for global thermonuclear war, most recently using the Ukraine theater as a fulcrum, has been stymied over the last 48 hours, Lyndon LaRouche commented in discussions with associates this morning. But the stalemate emerging from … Continue reading

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