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Obamacare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel Still Pushing Euthanasia

The Washington Post published an article Monday promoting the expansion of “Death with Dignity” laws across the United States, on the grounds that legalizing euthanasia —”physician-assisted suicide”— laws allows people “to control how one’s life ends.” Euthanasia is legal in … Continue reading

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White House Still Wants Death Panels; Rob You First

Obama Administration May Revive Payments for Nazi “Death Panel” Counselling The Pew Charitable Trust is circulating a story, being picked up in local papers around the country, that the Obama Administration will likely try to push through a new regulation … Continue reading

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The Choice Before Mexico

“Looking to the Pacific, But with the Butt Lined Up with the Atlantic.” Under that headline, LaRouche organizer Leonardo Espitia Jordan warned in an opinion column published today by Sonora’s online daily Dossier Politico, that the Mexican government’s orientation to … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Congressman Steven Lynch: Obamacare Rollout Is the “Gift that Keeps on Giving” for Republicans

In a Dec. 31 interview with Boston Herald Radio, Rep. Steven Lynch (D-MA) explained why he voted against Obamacare, and spotlighted some of its not-widely-known provisions. “I just have great misgivings about the [Obamacare-ed.] system. In my opinion, it’s very … Continue reading

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Obamacare Means a Huge Increase in Medicaid’s Doctor Shortage

As Fox News reported on Dec. 26, a far bigger problem with Obamacare than its sign-ups, is whether those signed up are going to be able to find doctors and facilities to give them care. While NerObama sent a “good … Continue reading

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Hospital Use Falls Faster In U.S. As Obamacare ‘T4’ Bites

Following five years of slow declines, U.S. hospital admissions are now dropping fast in absolute terms, as the care-denial apparatus of Obamacare starts to bite. Regular surveys of hospital admissions in the United States have been conducted monthly for more … Continue reading

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Obamacare Deadline One Week Off; 130+ Mil Chronically Ill Threatened

Next Monday is the deadline for people to sign up for required health insurance policies, to have a chance for them to start by Jan. 1. The deadline was extended from Dec. 15, by Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen … Continue reading

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