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A Moment for Greatness

Diane Sare, member of the LaRouchePAC policy committee organizes during the international “Day of Truth.” Feb 23, 2017 photo: LaRouchePAC   Initial reports from our International Day of Truth on the third anniversary of Obama and Soros’s Nazi coup in … Continue reading

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National Activist Call with John Sigerson—February 23, 2017

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Harley Schlanger Reports from Berlin on #DayofTruth

Harley Schlanger reports on our international #DayofTruth day of action from Berlin, Germany. It was three years ago today that Victoria Nuland, George Soros and the U.S. State Dept. successfully ousted the democratically elected President of Ukraine with the help … Continue reading

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Defense Minister Hits Color Revolutions and NATO in Moscow Speech

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu delivered a wide ranging address to a meeting of the All-Russian Youth Forum in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, titled “International military-political and military-economic cooperation: modern tendencies.” Relations between the states become more … Continue reading

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Financial Times DC Chief Calls for Ousting Trump To Save “The System”

Demonstrating once again that the British are controlling the Obama/Soros color revolution against the US government, the former Financial Times bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce (who is still in Washington), penned an open call for a violent insurrection against … Continue reading

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Jail Obama for Treason

Obama and John Podesta. January 25, 2015 [White House Photo]   Barack Obama, after eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal “regime change” wars, has refused to retire from his treasonous role, but is now leading an insurrection … Continue reading

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Week of Truth: Stop the Maidan-Style Color Revolution Against US Presidency

Three years ago this week, a Molotov-cocktail- throwing mob on the streets of Kiev occupied government buildings, perpetrating violence and driving the duly elected president of the nation out of office and out of the country. Today, the same British … Continue reading

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