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The Fraud of The Green New Deal

  With the release of the so-called Green New Deal yesterday, we need only look to the economic disaster now facing Germany to see what such anti-growth green economic policies have wrought. Joining us from Germany is Reiner Apel, EIR … Continue reading

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Manhattan Town Hall event with Diane Sare

  Russian President Putin’s March 1st strategic announcement has effectively ended the trans-Atlantic powers’ fantasy of a “unipolar world.” So, how does the United States break with the “culture of death,” and join the New Paradigm typified by China’s Belt … Continue reading

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“Experts Aghast!”

Russian President Putin delivers the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, where he announced weapons systems based on new physical principles. March 1, 2018. (en.kremlin.ru)   DOWNLOAD PDF Your friendly fake-news media is now telling you, in regards to President … Continue reading

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What Can You Do For Mankind?

Presidents of Russia and China seen here after agreeing to a large set of “Win-Win” economic cooperation projects. 2015. [en.kremlin.ru]   The worst thing that can happen to a bankrupt and decadent empire, whose continuing control depends on the mental … Continue reading

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French Election Further Trashes British/Obama War Policy

Then Prime Minister of France, Mr. Francois Fillon meeting IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano & Chef de Cabinet, Mr. Rafael Grossi, 2011 Photo: IAEA Imagebank CC-SA   The overwhelming primary election victory of Francois Fillon to be the presidential candidate … Continue reading

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Interview: U.S.-Philippine Relations in the New Paradigm

    EIR’s Mike Billington interviews Founder of the Philippine Save the Nation Movement, Butch Valdez, on the potential for renewed U.S.-Philippine relations under President Duterte and a Donald Trump Presidency. The two discuss Valdez’s unceasing efforts to make the … Continue reading

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Leader of Brazil’s Nuclear Program Given 43 Year Prison Sentence

Brazilian Judge Marcelo da Costa Bretas Thursday issued a preposterous 43-year prison sentence against Vice Admiral Othon Luiz Pinheiro da Silva, the 76-year-old military scientist who initiated and oversaw the development of Brazil’s cutting-edge scientific and technological nuclear programs since … Continue reading

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China Development Commissioner: Industrial Capacity Cooperation an Important Springboard for Belt and Road

Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress, Xu Shaoshi, the chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), said that the idea of industrial capacity cooperation would be a “springboard” for the Belt … Continue reading

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New Paradigm Show – Fission, Fusion, and Collapse

Why do you insist that we must go nuclear? Isn’t fission power outdated and dangerous? Is the universe winding down and dying? Vernadsky poses a “riddle” of how it is that thought, which is not a form of energy, changes … Continue reading

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Physical Economic Case Study: Costs of the Failure to Go Nuclear – Part 1

Posted by Ben Deniston 12sc on August 18, 2015 There is no such thing as an infinitely sustainable steady state for an economic process. To exist an economy must continually generate and implement scientific and technological progress. Without this progress … Continue reading

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