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Are Bildt and Reinfeldt War Criminals? ISIS Is the Effect, Not the Cause of the New Dark Age!

by Hussein Askary, Chairman of the Swedish European Labour Party (EAP) In an op-ed published Wednesday, August 13, 2014, in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt called on the United Nations … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Doctor Releases Statement Against “Murderous Obamacare”

Statement released by Mark Shelley, M.D., D.A.B.F.P. 1 Willow St., Port Allegheny PA For more information: (267)218-5655 stevekomm@gmail.com DOCTORS AGAINST MURDEROUS OBAMACARE As a physician and an American, I feel compelled at this time of peril, to address the changes … Continue reading

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Bruce Fein: Syria: A Turning Point Against Empire?

4 Sept (LPAC) BRUCE FEIN WRITES that a US attack on Syria would be a war crime, and that Congress should threaten to impeach Obama if he does so. In “Syria: A Turning Point Against Empire?” in the Huffington Post, … Continue reading

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Snowden Cites Nuremberg Principle in Meeting with Human Rights Organizations in Moscow Airport

13 July (LPAC) Edward Snowden met  with yesterday several human rights organizations at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Prior to the press conference the U.S. Ambassador to Russia asked the representataive of Human Rights Watch … Continue reading

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