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War is Hell Gerry Adams Tells Maureen Dowd in NY Times

Gerry Adams has stated that anyone who thinks war is glamorous is deeply mistaken and this generation in Ireland must bring an end to conflict once and for all. Speaking to columnist Maureen Dowd in today’s New York Times, Adams … Continue reading

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UK Indepence Party Under Attack by the Queen’s Men

All the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men, couldn’t put the Empire back together again The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which is expected to win the upcoming European Parliamentary elections in the UK (the first time in over 100 … Continue reading

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Feinstein Puts Obama’s White House in Center of CIA/Senate Spying Scandal

In her Senate floor speech Tuesday castigating the CIA for illegally spying on Senate committee staffers, and violating the Constitutional separation of powers, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, put much of the blame squarely … Continue reading

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New York Times Op-Ed: “Overpopulation Is Not The Problem

New York Times Op-Ed: “Overpopulation Is Not The Problem” Click here for full text of “Overpopulation Is Not The Problem” Claims that feeding humanity strains Earth’s supposedly finite resource base “demonstrate a profound misunderstanding of the ecology of human systems. … Continue reading

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NSA Paid Millions to Tech Companies To Cover PRISM Compliance Costs

NSA Paid Millions to Tech Companies To Cover PRISM Compliance Costs, Guardian in Deal With NYT to protect Snowden Documents 25 Aug. (LPAC) According to documents provided by Edward Snowden, the Guardian reported on Aug. 22 that the NSA paid … Continue reading

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Rory’s Law – to make sure this never happens to another child

The LaRouche Irish Brigade is immensely grateful to Ciaran and Orlaith Staunton who, grief stricken after losing their 12 year old son last March, due to a ridiculous lack of medical follow up, have gone public with a plan for … Continue reading

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