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Palin: “Have The Guts To Impeach”; Wisconsin Republican Congressional Candidates Unanimous for Impeachment

Sarah Palin continued her onslaught against President Obama, delivering another call for the President’s impeachment at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver today. The event was attended by 2,500 conservative activists. Palin told a cheering crowd that: “These days … Continue reading

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House Response to Holder Motion in Fast and Furious Contempt Suit Compares Obama’s Ex. Privilege To That of Nixon

It is expected that Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson will soon issue a decision on Summary Judgment motions made by the House Oversight Committee and by Eric Holder in the suit brought by the Committee after the House voted to … Continue reading

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Poor American Children Go Hungry When Schools Close, Denying Them Breakfasts and Lunches

When schools close due to inclement weather, as has been the case across several states this Winter, children from poor families—whose numbers are growing thanks to Barack Obama—often lose their only source of a nutritious meal, or meals in many … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee · February 3, 2014

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. 24 January 2014 A conversation with William Shakespeare: Concerning: The Subject of Strategy Today PREFATORY The January 5 publication of my campaign, which had been titled, Against Dictatorship!,1 has now been set, here, in my … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts: “Washington Drives the World Toward War”

Ronald Reagan’s deputy Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, in a posting on his website from December 14th, warns that “The fatal war, for humanity, is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the United States….” In … Continue reading

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Obama Stands By Massive Spying; Gives Himself More Power Over Spy Agencies

Obama stands completely behind the NSA dragnet spying program, and in a speech Friday, announced only slight modifications that continue to allow trampling on the Constitution. Presenting himself as the judge, jury and prosecutor, and always talking about the abuses … Continue reading

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