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Obamacare Falls with Obama, Rome Burns

DOWNLOAD PDF The summary of Obamacare found in this article was originally written in March of 2010. Americans have now irrefutably discovered what the LaRouche Organization told them seven years ago, that Obamacare, and Obama, represent a craven, evil attempt … Continue reading

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Disastrous “Volcker Rule” Compared to Obamacare: Reinstate Glass Steagall!

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Editorial Page Editor Paul Greenberg yesterday effectively linked the “complexity” of the Volcker Rule to Obamacare, contrasting it to the (principled?) simplicity of Glass-Steagall, under the title “Lost in the Maze,” (subscription only) and includes a not-too-subtle slam … Continue reading

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Forbes Runs a Call for Obama’s Impeachment

  An op-ed published in Forbes on Nov. 19 explicitly calls for Obama’s impeachment, documenting his total disdain for the Constitutional division of powers, and his repeated intentional acts in breach of that document. M. Northrup Buechner, an Associate Professor … Continue reading

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