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Somalia Air Strike: Obama’s Greatest Mass Killing Yet

Obama added to his kill tally on March 5 with an airstrike in Somalia that, the Pentagon has claimed, killed 150 Al Shabaab militants. According to the statement issued by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on March 7, the target … Continue reading

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NY Times Blows the Whistle on Killer Hillary Clinton

The New York Times has published a devastating documentary account of the pivotal role played by Hillary Clinton in the regime change and assassination program, carried out in 2011 against Libyan head of state Qadaffi. The detailed expose, based on … Continue reading

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Obama’s Swan Song for ASEAN—Worse Than a Lame Duck

Obama brought leaders of the ten ASEAN nations to Sunnylands, California, for a two-day Summit starting Monday. The build-up for the event hyped the urgency that ASEAN speak with a common voice against China’s “bullying” and “aggression” in the South … Continue reading

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Former US Ambassador: Americans Are a Killer Nation

The reputation of America abroad is that of a killer nation and a danger to world society; it has practically no allies, and those countries who claim to be as such take the US side only in an attempt to … Continue reading

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Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, December 3, 2015

  Join us Thursday, December 3 for a live Q&A session with American Statesman Lyndon LaRouche to discuss the immediate necessity of throwing Obama out and crushing Wall St. Click here to ask your question

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Calls for 25th Amendment to Remove Obama Hit the Press

“Has Barack Obama just lost his voice, or has he lost his mind?” is the headline of an article in examiner.com by Mark Whittington from Houston. He is pointing to an article by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, a “disappointed … Continue reading

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LPAC Manhattan Project: New York Times Rally

Check out our on the ground report from Friday’s rally in front of the New York Times headquarters as we ask the Times to show the same guts they did in 1971 when they published the Pentagon Papers story—ultimately leading … Continue reading

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