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October Financial Crash: Jail the Bankers and Implement Glass-Steagall

Interview with former Japanese IMF Managing Director Daisuke Kotegawa. Mr. Kotegawa personally dealt with the 1997 Asia Crisis on behalf of the Japanese Finance Ministry. He was interviewed by Michael Billington of Executive Intelligence Review on October 7, 2016. MICHAEL … Continue reading

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The Revolt of the Judges

There is still some semblance of law in the United States, as evidenced by these two recent cases of Judges asserting the supremacy of Law, against the criminality of the Obama administration. Federal Judge Rejects the White House’s “Limitless” View … Continue reading

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Montana Dem Candidate Declares: Get Rid of Obamacare and Bring Back Glass-Steagall

A political activist who campaigned for Obama in 2008 has announced her candidacy for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, calling Obamacare “an albatross around the neck of the party.” In her announcement statement yesterday, cited by … Continue reading

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Tim Pat Coogan: Michael Collins’s expertise could have prevented economic meltdown

In this insightful article in today’s Irish Examiner, esteemed historian, Tim Pat Coogan, points out the complete failure of the current Irish Government to tackle the roots of the financial crisis and suggests that a genuinely patriotic leadership such as … Continue reading

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New York Times Editorial: The Cash Committee

Although it focuses its attack primarily on Republicans and the Tea Party, only referencing the Democrats in one sentence, the New York Times Editorial Board exposes how the big banks buy members of the Financial Services Committee. Relevant excerpts follow: … Continue reading

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Glass-Steagall Is Part of the Solution to the ‘Bankization of America’

‘The Bankization of America’ has allowed the share of U.S. national income going to corporate profits to become the largest since 1929, writes Richard Eskow in an ourfuture.org column. And the share going to people in the form of salaries … Continue reading

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Bill Black: We Need Glass-Steagall and Bankster Prosecutions

On Thursday, Bill Black, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, gave his analysis of the arrest of two JPMorgan Chase traders on his regular weekly Internet program, “The Black Report.” Asked for “the story … Continue reading

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