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Interview: U.S.-Philippine Relations in the New Paradigm

    EIR’s Mike Billington interviews Founder of the Philippine Save the Nation Movement, Butch Valdez, on the potential for renewed U.S.-Philippine relations under President Duterte and a Donald Trump Presidency. The two discuss Valdez’s unceasing efforts to make the … Continue reading

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Duterte’s Philippines: An Ally of the New Paradigm

    EIR Asia expert Mike Billington and Virginia State Senator Richard Black discuss the new government in the Philippines and its relationship to the shift in the global power structure. They take up Duterte’s War on Drugs, U.S.-Filipino relations … Continue reading

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Attn: Americans – Global Realignment Underway

    Join us for our weekly Friday webcast. While Americans are being subjected to the psychological trauma of the presidential election process the world is realigning towards China’s win-win paradigm of growth and development. The Philippines, for example, is … Continue reading

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Duterte in China—A Revolutionary Transformation

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has completed a dramatic revolution in his nation’s role in the world during his current visit to China. In very clear language, he has renounced the Philippines’ previous subservience to Washington, established a new relationship with … Continue reading

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Obama’s America Has Lost; China and Russia Are Winning

Philippine president Duterte meets Zhao Jianhua in a reception of the Diplomatic Corps during the inaugural ceremony on June 30,2016. (photo: Presidential Communications Operations Office)   DOWNLOAD PDF Is it any wonder that Obama and the British are visibly apoplectic … Continue reading

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Philippines: Join AIIB, Dump PPP’s & Go Public

Philippine Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III told the Inquirer last week, published Monday, that the Duterte Administration has called on the Senate to ratify the country’s membership in the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) this week, before Duterte’s trip … Continue reading

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Hague Tribunal Finding Feeds Obama’s Would-be War in South China Sea

President Barack Obama and former President Benigno S. Aquino III in the Philippines, April 2014.   The Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague Tuesday issued a unanimous, provocative, and over-reaching decision in the South China Sea arbitration case filed … Continue reading

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