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Class #5: Harmony of Confucian and Western Philosophy

  Broadcast LIVE at 2pm EDT on March 31. Taught by Mike Billington, EIR Asia Desk. The role of Confucianism in Chinese history is key to understanding China’s current leadership in the creation of the New Paradigm. Within the depths of … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Complex Domain

  You have been taught to think in such a way that you will be unable to find the truth. The fruitful and effective type of hypothesizing developed by Plato and the Renaissance, has been largely replaced with the notion … Continue reading

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An “Old Man” Among Us: Happy Birthday, Lyndon LaRouche!

  On September 8, we celebrated Lyndon LaRouche’s 95th birthday. In today’s broadcast, we take a retrospective glance back five years to Mr LaRouche’s 90th birthday address, where he called for an end of the established “party system” and a … Continue reading

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New Impetus to Dump Dead British System Emerges

Today, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Czech President Milos Zeman stood side by side in Prague to extol the Czech Republic as the new “gateway” for the One Belt-One Road to the CEEc (Central and Eastern European Countries), and beyond … Continue reading

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LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind

Jason Ross illustrates the fight between the view of Zeus versus Promethean Man illustrated using examples from history, science, and the arts– it is expressed from Plato versus Aristotle, to Gödel versus Dawkins. The art of Promethean discovery is not … Continue reading

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