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LEAFLET: Who’s The Real April Fool? The Perennial Whores of Yellow Journalism

LEAFLET: Who’s The Real April Fool? The Perennial Whores of Yellow Journalism

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Kerry Declares Failure of Obama’s Syria Policy, Joins With McCain And Graham (And Press Whores) Demanding War

Before leaving the Munich Security Conference, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke privately with the U.S. Congressional delegation at the conference, headed by war fanatics John McCain and Lindsey Graham; and, according to McCain and Graham and the three reporters … Continue reading

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A Strategic Study: Why We Must Stop the Assassination of Gerry Adams

Over the last fortnight an accelerating barrage of political bombs have been lobbed at Gerry Adams in a concerted effort to crush his spirit, shred his reputation, to indict him for heinous crimes. But Gerry Adams has learned over decades … Continue reading

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Coalition Party Hacks and Press Whores vs. Sinn Fein

As the EU-wide despised Troika dictates cuts in our health and welfare budget, the Fine Gael faithful follow right along, since the cuts fit nicely into their belief system anyway, but the Labour base in the coalition, up to now … Continue reading

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