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Zepp-LaRouche: Putin Delivers a New ‘Sputnik’ Shock—’Now They Will Listen to Us!’

Putin’s Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly. March 1, 2018 – Moscow (en.kremlin.ru)   DOWNLOAD PDF by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the International Schiller Institute In a trans-Atlantic atmosphere of hysteria against Russia and China that can only be understood … Continue reading

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Class #3—Are You Human, or ‘Hume-an’? The Philosophy of Geopolitics

  Broadcast LIVE at 7pm EST on Saturday, March 3. Dennis Small, EIR Intelligence Director for Ibero-America, presents the deeper, underlying axiomatic philosophical views behind the policies of geopolitics . The entire school of British philosophical radicalism was created to try … Continue reading

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The New Paradigm Already Exists Time To Act on Optimism!

China in Red, the members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in orange. The 6 proposed corridors in black. (Lommes / Wikimedia)  (Note: Ireland now also an AIIB member.)   We are at a point where the New Paradigm of … Continue reading

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The Fusion Economy & The New Paradigm: Your Moral Imperative (with transcript)

  Looking back from 500 years in the future, what will have been the meaning of your life—the importance, for those living, of your having existed? Megan Beets discusses the fusion economy, the next upward leap in mankind’s anti-entropic development. … Continue reading

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Fireside Chat with Michael Steger

  Join us for a discussion with Michael Steger, member of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee. Yesterday, Helga Zepp LaRouche characterized the difference between the United States and China as the difference between a society which has habituated itself to cultural … Continue reading

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America’s Payoff from Joining The New Silk Road: Optimism

President Donald J. Trump participates in on field ceremonies at the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship. | January 8, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)   Compulsive media-followers in the United States are relatively sure about what’s … Continue reading

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China’s Manufacturing Workforce Soars, as China Breaks New Ground

China’s manufacturing labor force surged to approximately 105 million workers in 2012, a level so extraordinary that it is seven times larger than that of the United States, the nation with the world’s second largest manufacturing workforce. This growth in … Continue reading

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LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind

Jason Ross illustrates the fight between the view of Zeus versus Promethean Man illustrated using examples from history, science, and the arts– it is expressed from Plato versus Aristotle, to Gödel versus Dawkins. The art of Promethean discovery is not … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC in Action • August 25th, 2014

Will the United States get out of the current crisis by joining the BRICS alliance, and the commitment to mine Helium-3 on the Moon? This question and many more are investigated on this week’s LaRouchePAC in Action

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Bolivian Vice-President: Let Us Dare to Leave The Cave & Use The Sacred Fire of Nuclear Power

Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera gave a beautiful, rousing call on August 21 for Bolivia to play its rightful role as a Promethean nation, and set about to master nuclear energy, so as to create the platform for his … Continue reading

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