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Christmas Greetings to All — Remember To Love Mankind

Christmas 2017 Greetings! Will Wertz, in the Thursday evening activists call, recalled Lyndon’s message from many years ago, in his essay “Prometheus and Europe” in the July 23, 1999 issue of EIR, regarding the truthful understanding of the Prometheus story. Lyndon rejected not only the … Continue reading

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This Promethean Moment

Presidents Putin and Trump. July 6, 2017 (en.kremlin.ru)   The Trump-Putin summit is being followed up with further ceasefires in Syria, leading, as President Trump has said, to a ceasefire across the whole country—so that soon, the only gunfire in … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC ‘Basement Team’ International Webcast

LaRouchePAC ‘Basement Team’ International Webcast THE CONTINUING GIFTS OF PROMETHEUS: FUSION AND PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY PROMETHEUS: But of wretched mortals he [Zeus] took no notice, desiring to bring the whole race to an end and create a new one in its … Continue reading

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LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind – January 8, 2014


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The Empire, Like Zeus, Wants To Depopulate…Not Confront Rivals

Jan. 2, 2013 (EIRNS)–The line is pervasive today. From those pushing war against China, the argument is that the U.S. has to confront an emerging rival, who will “inevitably” challenge it militarily. From those seeking to stop war, such as … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Resolution: Be Promethean

Never before has our nation been so close to total destruction. Unless immediate action is taken by leading citizens, we will see mass death in the United States in the near term. Mike Steger’s statement is in pdf format and … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC in Action · December 30th, 2013

The two directions for the world are the ancient Oligarchical tradition, represented by the Anglo-Dutch financial system, and their lackeys the Queen of England and U.S. President Barack Obama. The other system is that of Prometheus, whereby human creativity and … Continue reading

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LaRouche On Zeus, Prometheus and the Fight Against Serfdom Today

During Mr. LaRouche’s Friday evening webcast, the battle between the Olympian God Zeus and Titan Prometheus was used to define the central theme of man’s current struggle for a future, today. Below are remarks made by Mr. LaRouche on Saturday … Continue reading

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The sometimes silliness of “taking sides”: THE CRISIS WAS IN YOUR MIND!

The sometimes silliness of “taking sides”: THE CRISIS WAS IN YOUR MIND! By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. December 28, 2013 My report on the actually breaking developments in the Eurasian sector, from Belarus to the Pacific, appears to have unnerved … Continue reading

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Lyndon LaRouche Webcast – December 27th, 2013

YOU DECIDE: JOIN WITH PROMETHEUS, THE FIRE-BRINGER, WHO LIGHTS THE WAY FOR THE FUTURE, OR EMPEROR ZEUS, WHO RULES OVER DARKNESS MP3 Audio and transcript as follows: MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. It’s December 27, 2013, and you’re joining us for our … Continue reading

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