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Surprise: Vladimir Putin Leads Humanity’s Reorganization of Itself for the New Missions Posed by LaRouche

Russian President Putin fields a question at his annual President’s News Conference. December 23, 2016 [en.kremlin.ru]   Between Russia, Turkey and Iran there are deep disagreements; they even support opposing fighting forces in Syria. And yet now, the three have … Continue reading

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Putin is the Key to This Crisis, and Trump is Rejecting the Anti-Putin Hysteria

President Elect Trump and President of Russia Putin. [Trump photo flickr/Michael Vadon] [Putin photo en.kremlin.ru]   The neo-cons in the U.S., including Obama and his controllers, are freaking out that a leaked Trump Pentagon transition memo doesn’t list Russia as … Continue reading

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LaRouche: Obama’s Words are a Threat to Kill

President Obama fighting for the TTP at a meeting of the House Democratic Caucus on Capitol Hill, June 2015. Photo: Whitehouse.gov   Friday, in a nationally broadcast interview on NPR Morning Edition, supposedly in response to allegations of Russian hacking … Continue reading

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Italy: Did Putin Do It Again?

Russian President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev after the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, December 1, 2016.   DOWNLOAD PDF Unlike the hysteria still continuing in the United States, no one is claiming that Russia fixed the voting machines … Continue reading

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Putin ‘State of the Union’ Address Calls for Fostering Creativity, Science, and Problem-Solving in Youth

Russian President Vladimir Putin today delivered his annual “State of the Union” address to the Federal Assembly, which he chose to focus largely on “the economy, social issues, and domestic policy,” as Putin himself stated. In its closing section, Putin … Continue reading

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Emerging From the Quicksand

DOWNLOAD PDF China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin continue to issue offer upon offer to the United States—and other nations still caught in the quicksand of the deadly trans-Atlantic system—to join in the construction of the new global paradigm … Continue reading

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Hamilton and Russia: What Broadway ‘Rap-ists’ Will Never Understand

by Renée Sigerson Even in daily conversation, people will commonly compare earthquakes with political revolutions. Earthquakes can be massively destructive, mainly because humanity still has a primitive understanding of why they occur. Revolutionary upheavals, on the other hand, can be … Continue reading

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