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Countdown to Silk Road Summit: A New Foreign Policy for the United States

With only one week to go until the Belt and Road Summit in Beijing, today’s webcast features a number of very significant developments which all indicate that a new foreign policy for the United States is within reach. We feature … Continue reading

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The British Claim Credit For Trump’s Disastrous Mistake—The Empire Must Be Destroyed, Now, To Prevent Global War

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson Photo: BackBoris2012 Campaign Team CC-SA   DOWNLOAD PDF The British are taking full credit for the U.S. criminal attack on Syria last week; for “persuading” President Trump to turn against Assad and the Russians; and … Continue reading

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Tillerson in China — Prepare for the Next 50 Years

Secretary Rex Tillerson is in China, meeting with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and State Council Member Yang Jiechi Saturday, and President Xi Jinping Sunday. In an interview with Independent Journal Review‘s Erin McPike, Tillerson took what could be described as … Continue reading

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