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Robert Parry Slams the `It’s All Russia’s Fault’ Narrative, Warns of New McCarthyism

Under the headline “Blaming Russia for Everything,” investigative reporter Robert Parry penned a scathing attack on the insane line coming from the liberal media and affiliated institutions, that everything that has gone wrong in the political process is Russia’s fault. … Continue reading

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Leading American Experts Condemn Obama’s War Provocations

Leading American military and intelligence experts, professors, and writers continue to condemn Barack Obama’s war policies in Russia and in the Middle East, which are putting the world on the edge of thermonuclear war. But none of these call for … Continue reading

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New Washington Times Ad Warns of “Road Map to World War III”

In the fourth of a series of wrap-around ads in the Washington Times, the American University in Moscow again makes a pungent argument against the anti-Putin/anti-Russia brainwashing in Washington, D.C. First, “Why Would Putin Shoot Down a Plane,” by Prof. … Continue reading

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Robert Parry: Putin Is Throwing Obama a Lifejacket in Ukraine; Obama Should Take it and Break with Neo-Cons

Investigative journalist Robert Parry advises Obama in an article published in Consortium News May 6, that if he wants to find a way back from the brink in Ukraine, as he did in Syria, he must work with Putin, and … Continue reading

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New York Times Backtracks on Photographs “Proving” Russian Involvement in Southeast Ukraine

The New York Times has backtracked on the photographic “evidence” of Russian troops in Ukraine produced by Ukrainian authorities and endorsed by the State Department. One of the photographs purporting to show an armed group of Russians in Russia before … Continue reading

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Rising Chorus of Protest Against Saudi Terrorism and Warmongering; Author Robert Parry Puts Focus on Saudi Arabia

  Recently, there’s been a rising chorus of protest against the Saudis, and in particular, Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar, which has been shaped, in large part, by the exposes by the LaRouche movement of the Saudi role in the … Continue reading

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