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Think Strategically, Think Scientifically

The setback to Obama’s TPP free trade policy today in the U.S. Senate–at the hands principally of his “own” Democratic Party–is a bad bloody nose for him. It could be a real break in the dam, Lyndon LaRouche commented today, … Continue reading

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New Eurasian Paradigm Replacing Dead Trans-Atlantic System; South America Realigns

The Trans-Atlantic system is dead, and a fundamental realignment towards the BRICS and Eurasia is now taking place among those nations which wish to survive. This is seen clearly in the maturing relationships between the nations of South America and … Continue reading

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Rousseff: BRICS Show Way to Peace, Not Military Force

  Opening the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called upon world leaders to recognize that “the use of force is incapable of eliminating the profound causes of conflicts,” as is seen in the Palestinian conflict, … Continue reading

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Christmas in Greece Will Be Worse than Under Nazi Occupation

Christmas in Greece Will Be Worse than Under Nazi Occupation Dec. 20, 2012 (EIRNS)–With families unable to fully provide nourishing meals for their children, unable to heat their homes, and many mourning deaths of relatives who have fallen victim to … Continue reading

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