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Bloomberg: Russia Can ‘Out-Sanction’ The Transatlantic Banks

Bloomberg reported on March 7, “Anti-Russia Sanctions Would Backfire against West,” comparing the assets of Russian banks and individuals in western banks, with those of Western banks in Russia. The comparison showed Russian sanctions (asset seizures) can hit harder than … Continue reading

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Lavrov: West Looking For Another Pretext For War In Syria

Russia and China summarily dismissed a draft U.N. Security Council resolution yesterday, that is said to aim at facilitating the flow of relief supplies into besieged areas of Syria. According to news reports, Australia, Jordan and Luxembourg presented the draft … Continue reading

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The Drive to Nuclear War vs. Russia

Lyndon LaRouche on the Jan 27th Policy Committee Show See the full video here. OGDEN: You know, what you just brought up about the North Caucasus war, it actually occurred to me, because I read a biography of Putin that … Continue reading

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LEAFLET: Who Is Really Running The Operation In Ukraine?

The recent events in Ukraine have now put the world on a hair-trigger for thermonuclear annihilation. The British Empire will cease to exist in a world where the nations of Eurasia continue their advancement of human progress, and they are … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Russia/China Diplomacy at the time of Impeachment

The timing of the British/Republican Party/Al Gore treason against the US in the 1998-99 attempted coup, through the impeachment of President Clinton, shows clearly the interface between the financial collapse of that period, Clinton’s drive to restore FDR policies against … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts: “Washington Drives the World Toward War”

Ronald Reagan’s deputy Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, in a posting on his website from December 14th, warns that “The fatal war, for humanity, is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the United States….” In … Continue reading

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Russian and China Prepare Counter Terror, Drugs, Intelligence Apparatus at Moscow Conference

Foreign Ministry officials associated with the Russian headed CSTO defense alliance (Collective Security Treaty Organization) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have just held high level security discussions in Moscow on terrorism, with a particular focus on Syria. According to … Continue reading

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