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Behind the Hagel Firing: Dump Obama Before He Starts World War III

Lyndon LaRouche today identified the firing of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel as a rallying point for all sane Democrats and Republicans to stand up and demand President Obama’s immediate removal from office by impeachment, or resignation, or invoking of … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Time To Call The Saudi Bluff On 9/11?

On October 28, 2003 Senator Dorgan (D-ND) introduced an amendment to the Appropriations Act for himself and Senator Schumer (D-NY). The amendment was killed as not germane to the underlying act. The amendment was motivated by both Senator Dorgan and … Continue reading

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King Canute: Obama Apopleptic about Snowden Asylum in Russia

3 Aug (LPAC) Brushing aside pleas and warnings from President Obama and other senior Americans” to turn Snowden over the U.S. and that “Russia’s decision … infuriated American officials.” The Financial Times of London similarly rubbed Obama’s nose in Russia’s … Continue reading

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Tim Pat Coogan:” I Have Found the U.S. Embassy Kafkaesque”

Writer and historian Tim Pat Coogan has slammed the U.S. Embassy in Dublin as “Kafkaesque” in their dealing with Irish citizens when they apply for visas. Coogan’s comments come after U.S. Ambassador Dan Rooney defended the consular staff and how … Continue reading

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