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Colonizing Space with Fusion Propulsion

Megan Beets of the LaRouchePAC science team interviews Mike Paluszek, President of Princeton Satellite Systems, on his company’s design for a fusion-driven rocket. Far more advanced than other forms of propulsion, a fusion rocket would open up the solar system … Continue reading

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Manhattan Town Hall event with Diane Sare and Thomas Wysmuller

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member Diane Sare and former NASA scientist Thomas Wysmuller evoke the “can do” spirit of JFK and the Apollo 11 Moon landing as a necessary paradigm to meet the challenge of solving America’s economic breakdown crisis today. … Continue reading

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Farming the Galaxy

Benjamin Deniston, Researcher, 21st Century Science & Technology magazine, led off his remarks at the July 7 Schiller Institute Food For Peace conference by presenting Lyndon LaRouche’s refutation of “Limits to Growth,” in terms of the ability of the human … Continue reading

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Farming From Space — Energy Flux Density and Agriculture

Robert Baker presents a terrific pedagogy on Lyndon LaRouche’s economic principle of Energy-Flux-Density as it relates to agriculture. The future of farming and the pursuit to eliminate hunger from the planet depends on mankind’s continued development of its uniquely creative … Continue reading

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22nd NASA Astronaut Class Presented June 7th At Johnson Space Center

22nd NASA Astronaut Class of 2017 Photo: NASA/Robert Markowitz   NASA introduced 12 new astronauts on Wednesday, June 7 at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. This year was a record year in the history of NASA, the twelve astronauts, … Continue reading

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The Return to JFK — LaRouche Webcast, August 30, 2013

In celebration of JFK’s 100th birthday, May 29, Lyndon LaRouche, in this seven minute video, answers the question, “How can we get this idea, which was the American identity, as expressed under John F. Kennedy, back into society?”

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Mankind’s Endless Development – The Economic Platform

Basement Team member Ben Deniston demonstrates mankind future growth is limitless with Lyndon LaRouche’s conception of the “economic platform.” This twenty minute presentation was given at the Schiller Institute’s NYC conference entitled, “Whither the United States: Nuclear power or New … Continue reading

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