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We are Winning. Don’t Negotiate. Don’t Screw it Up!

The events of this past weekend present the strategic situation in stark relief. On the one side is the massive display of power demonstrated in the Moscow celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE day, hosted by Russian President Vladimir … Continue reading

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The end of the United Kingdom foretold after Scottish vote

By Niall O’Dowd at Irish Central This British election will go down in history not for the shock margin of victory by the Conservatives but for sounding the death knell of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Nationalist Party has surpassed … Continue reading

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Washington Post Worries About Scottish Independence

–“Edinburgh, Scotland–After centuries of war with England, politicians in this stately city signed away Scotland’s sovereignty in the early 1700s for the promise of riches and the glory of empire. Three hundred years later, resurgent nationalists here are plotting a … Continue reading

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