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Pope Rides High-Speed Rail In Korea, Reaches Out To China

Pope Francis, the forward-looking Argentine Pope, unexpectedly took a Korean high-speed train from Seoul to Daejon on Friday, the first time he has ridden high-speed rail. The train covered 90 miles in 50 minutes. He had been expected to travel … Continue reading

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North Korea Calls for a Federalist Reunification

Just days after the historic visit to South Korea by Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korea has officially proposed that North and South Korea meet to agree on a set of principles for reunification, based on federalism. The document released … Continue reading

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China Launching New International Development Bank; Diplomacy With South Korea

China’s Xi Jinping is breaking with tradition, as next week he will visit Seoul, South Korea and meet with President Park Geun-hye before going to North Korea, emphasizing the importance of South Korea to China. While dealings with North Korea … Continue reading

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South Korea Moves Ahead To Plan Its DEMO Fusion Reactor

The November 13 issue of the ITER Newsline newsletter reports that, near the hall housing South Korea’s superconducting KSTAR tokamak in Daejeon, there is now an office, where about 20 people are already at work, planning for the next step. … Continue reading

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Putin, on Eve of Korea Visit, Envisions Region-wide Great Projects

Vladimir Putin granted an interview to the Korean Broadcasting System on Nov. 7, as he was preparing his trip to Seoul (which began today). The interview expanded on Putin’s vision for Asian-wide collaboration on great projects, while also hinting at … Continue reading

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South Korea Defense Minister Rejects U.S. Missile Defense System

An earlier report by EIR that the government in Seoul is refusing to deploy the U.S. high-altitude anti-missile systems as part of Obama’s “ring around China,” as based on source reports from within South Korea, has now been confirmed by … Continue reading

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US tries to blackmail South Korea to accept anti-China missile systems

Sources in South Korea have confirmed reports in the South Korean press that the US is blackmailing Seoul over a sensitive issue regarding operational control over South Korean forces in the country in the case of war, to demand that … Continue reading

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