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Putin and Obama Discuss Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama spoke by phone, Monday, at the initiation of the US side, according to the Kremlin, to discuss Syria and Ukraine. Putin “stressed the need for the moderate opposition to distance themselves … Continue reading

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The Space Program: Reawakening America’s Soul

In an Easter Sunday dialogue with associates, Lyndon LaRouche underscored the urgency of the United States returning to the principles of the space program as a mission for all of humanity. The emphasis must be on the principle of the … Continue reading

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Ex Oriente Lux

Americans are suddenly showing a new susceptibility to becoming inspired by truly worthwhile things, like China’s space program, like true Classical music, and the prospects unexpectedly created by the sudden vision of Middle East peace just opened up by Russia’s … Continue reading

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The Silk Road Can Make the Syrian Ceasefire Succeed

When Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization signed an agreement in 1993 to end the killing and establish self-government for the Palestinians, Lyndon LaRouche immediately said that the tractors must roll, today, if the plan was to succeed. The common … Continue reading

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Putin Drives Ahead With Syria Peace Initiative; Urgent to Cast Aside Obama, and the British

Russian President Vladimir Putin is driving ahead this week on the new Syria ceasefire initiative, in its full implications to back down the warmongers. Elements in this process, over the Feb. 22-23 period, are serving to tie down Obama, and … Continue reading

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Russia’s Lavrov Warns: All-Out War would be U.S. Responsibility

During the Question-and-Answer session at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had said, in his preceding speech at Munich, that military cooperation with Russia is what … Continue reading

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Lavrov Addresses Two Systems Before the World: Geopolitics or Nations Joining Together To Face Common Challenges

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov opened his annual year-in-review press conference Thursday, transmitted live in Russian, French, and English, with a theme which ran throughout the conference: there are “two conflicting approaches” in the intensifying “global rivalry” over the shape … Continue reading

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