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Somalia Air Strike: Obama’s Greatest Mass Killing Yet

Obama added to his kill tally on March 5 with an airstrike in Somalia that, the Pentagon has claimed, killed 150 Al Shabaab militants. According to the statement issued by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on March 7, the target … Continue reading

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U.S. Senator Mike Gravel Denounces Obama’s Drone Wars

Oct. 20—U.S. Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska (1969-1981) denounced the Obama Administration’s policy of killing civilians and bystanders through “Drone Strikes planned by meetings of a very precise and elaborate command structure” involving CIA Director John Brennan and others, but … Continue reading

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Germany and United States Taken to Court Over Drone Attacks

As is reported by some media, relatives of persons killed by U.S. drones are taking the responsible authorities and individuals to court, not only in the United States, but also in Germany, where German assistance in the drone warfare through … Continue reading

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International Intelligence Agencies Investigating Possible Terrorism In MH 370 Incident

Despite the mathematical gobbledygook the British tried to sell to the world, which Malaysian authorities readily accepted, the family members of the lost airlines’ passengers have made it loudly clear that the dunking of the aircraft in the southern Indian … Continue reading

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Gulf Funding for Global Jihadi Terrorists Raised at Hill Hearing on the Dangers of al-Shabaab

Coming in the wake of the terrorist attack on the mall in Nairobi, a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee was held this morning, chaired by Committee Chairman Ed Royce on: “Al-Shabaab: How Great a Threat?” At the hearing, … Continue reading

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South African Activist Targets Bandar for Syrian Attack

  6 Sept, (LPAC) In a letter to the editor published by South Africa’s “Business Daily” on Sept. 4, South Africa’s prominent anti-weapons-trafficking activist Terry Crawford Browne raised Prince Bandar’s central role in the Anglo-Saudi Empire’s Al-Yamamah arms deal as … Continue reading

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