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Lyndon LaRouche Delivers Labor Day Challenge

During a discussion on Labor Day with the National Policy Committee Lyndon LaRouche reflected on the nature of man and the mission which he and his organization have adopted and are committed to achieving. LaRouche stated that the greatest crisis … Continue reading

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A Case Study In Sovereignty: Argentina & the Bankruptcy of the Financier Oilgarchy

Argentine President Cristina Fernández Kirchner, G77 Summit, Bolivia “In this kind of anarcho-capitalism, where a small group of financiers runs the rest of humanity, a group known as ‘vulture funds,’ obtained debt instruments at absurdly low prices—if the value was … Continue reading

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The Battle for Sovereignty in Argentina

Here are several recent items on the issue of the fight for Sovereignty in Argentina, as that nations struggles to thwart a financial attack on it’s nation and population. G77 & China Offer “Unanimous Support” to Argentina Against Vulture Fund … Continue reading

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Argentina: Sovereignty is a Global Cause

As we are approaching the April 2nd, 30th anniversary of the Malvinas war between Britain and Argentina we’ve seen a political escalation around the question of Argentine sovereignty over the islands.  Given that it reflects, in many ways, our own … Continue reading

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