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Americans Must Know What Macron Has Done

Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) meets with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in Hamburg, Germany, July 8, 2017. (Xinhua/Li Xueren) DOWNLOAD PDF French President Emmanuel Macron, in his speech in Xian on the first leg of his visit to China, … Continue reading

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Joint Development—The Only Path to Peace in Korea

Trans-GTR transport corridors form the Northeast Asia Economic Conference Organizing Committee & Greater Tumen Initiative.   By Mike Billington It was true in the 1990s, as it was in 2002-2005, and is even more emphatically true today: only by engaging … Continue reading

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Peace Through Development: The Path to a Unified Korea

The need for a policy of peace through development and win-win cooperation is evident across the globe, but it is particularly stark in certain parts of the world. The Koreas are a case in point. Rather than being an example … Continue reading

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North Korean Foreign Minister Visits Moscow After Calling for Reunification at UN General Assembly Meeting

  On October 4, a high-level meeting was held in Inchon between a high-level delegation from North Korea led by Hwang Pyong So, the top political officer for the Korean People’s Army, and South Korean Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae and … Continue reading

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Pope Rides High-Speed Rail In Korea, Reaches Out To China

Pope Francis, the forward-looking Argentine Pope, unexpectedly took a Korean high-speed train from Seoul to Daejon on Friday, the first time he has ridden high-speed rail. The train covered 90 miles in 50 minutes. He had been expected to travel … Continue reading

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North Korea Calls for a Federalist Reunification

Just days after the historic visit to South Korea by Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korea has officially proposed that North and South Korea meet to agree on a set of principles for reunification, based on federalism. The document released … Continue reading

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China Launching New International Development Bank; Diplomacy With South Korea

China’s Xi Jinping is breaking with tradition, as next week he will visit Seoul, South Korea and meet with President Park Geun-hye before going to North Korea, emphasizing the importance of South Korea to China. While dealings with North Korea … Continue reading

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