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Steinmeier Blows Apart NATO’s Narrative of Russian Aggression

According to a posting, Sunday, on Zerohedge, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s criticism of NATO’s warmongering was a surprise, because it came from a completely unexpected direction. “And just like that, the entire fictional narrative of ‘innocent’ NATO merely reacting … Continue reading

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All German Parliamentary Parties Denounce NSA

At the conclusion of the last meetings of the Bundestag before the summer break, spokespersons for all parliamentary groups voiced harsh criticism of the NSA’s spying practices, in particular the spying on individual members of the special investigation committee on … Continue reading

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Steinmeier: We Have The “Damned Duty” To Stay Out of Ukraine

Speaking at a public event in Hamburg, hours after returning from Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank -Walter Steinmeier (SPD), called on both the West and East to stay out of Ukraine. He said the agreement was very “fragile.” “This is … Continue reading

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German Election Results: Another Big Disaster

If the final outcome of these national elections in Germany, Sept. 22, were the formation of a new Grand Coalition between Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, it would probably be the worst of all options: Both parties stand firmly behind … Continue reading

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Resistance Against EU Putsch Growing in Germany

Resistance from various corners, and for partially divergent reasons, is increasing against the putschist EU decisions in Germany. Both on the hyperinflationary bailout of banks and of nations, resistance is now mounting from the CSU and the SPD. And resistance … Continue reading

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German Federal Court Could Throw ESM Out the Window

Karlsruhe Federal Court strengthens parliamentary rights, offers basis to throw ESM out of the window In what is de facto a smashing defeat of the ESM as such, and provides for courageous parliamentarians an opportunity to refuse voting on the … Continue reading

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Timetable for Fiscal Treaty and ESM votes in the Bundestag is now off

A crisis emergency meeting at the chancellor’s office between government and opposition on the EU fiscal pact last night failed to bring an agreement, therefore the originally planned Bundestag vote today, 25 May, on the  Pact and ESM will not … Continue reading

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VOTE NO — The “Stability” Pact is a Bad Joke

The results of the first round of the French elections, where Ozy of Merkozy was punished for his policies of the last five years, shows that the “stability” in the austerity treaty is worse than a bad joke. As soon … Continue reading

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