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Some 50,000 South Sudanese Children Face Imminent Death From Starvation

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese under the age of five could die this year and nearly a quarter of a million children will suffer severe acute malnutrition unless food and medical aid are stepped up immediately, the United Nations … Continue reading

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Obama Cutting Food for 47 Million Americans

President Obama bears direct responsibility for the cuts in food consumption coming now for the 47 million Americans who need and use food stamps to avoid “food insecurity” for themselves and malnutrition for their children. In 2009, when mass unemployment … Continue reading

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Patriots Rally Against British Empire’s Mass Murder Then and Now

  22 June (LPAC) The fight in the United States today against the policy of mass death mass population reduction as a result of intentional impoverishment, starvation, disease promotion, and the new genocide of “environmentalism”, is as old as the … Continue reading

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He’s Crazy -“Bloomberg would rather the homeless starve than eat too much salt.”

17 Nov.  (LPAC)—Are you homeless in New York City? Then you’re in luck. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is so concerned about your health, that he has banned private food donations to homeless shelters in order to keep you from consuming too … Continue reading

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