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Ukraine Update

We just published a round-up discussion of the major developments in the situation in Ukraine, which can be viwed here. Since that publication, there have been some relevant updates, which we print below. First is a Senior German Politician, openly … Continue reading

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When Will Germany Re-Orient Towards the East?

  None other than Germany’s leading news weekly, Der Spiegel, commented Saturday on the collapse of the EU’s policy on Ukraine, as underlining the urgency of defining a new approach, particularly to Russia and Putin, whose enemy image as a … Continue reading

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UBS, Scared by Glass-Steagall, Announces Fake Pre-Emptive ‘Separation’

UBS, one of the two “Too Big To Fail” Swiss banks, with a balance sheet over twice the Swiss GDP, is apparently scared by the SP-SVP initiative for bank separation, so that it came out with its preemptive fake scheme, … Continue reading

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Swiss Author Gian Trepp: Our Anti-Oligarchical Tradition Is the Basis for Glass-Steagall

On October 16, Swiss book author and journalist Gian Trepp called on Swiss leaders to stick to the Swiss anti-oligarchical historical tradition as basis for a Glass-Steagall-like banking reform. Trepp responded to an article in the Swiss financial daily Neue … Continue reading

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Glass-Steagall Debate in Switzerland

An Austrian professor and Swiss author Gian Trepp have intervened against the arguments brought forward by the banking lobby against the current bank separation initiative in the Swiss Parliament. Prof. Karl Socher from the Innsbruck University wrote a letter to … Continue reading

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Swiss War Games Envisioned War in Bankrupt Europe

The Swiss weekly Matin Dimanche reported that in August, the Swiss military conducted an army exercise for the event of a war in Europe. The exercise practiced for an attack from a bankrupt France that had “broken into warring regions.” … Continue reading

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Swiss Fusion project leaders: competences have been lost since JET

  In a 2009 interview, Ming Quang Tran, leader of the Swiss delegation at the ITER fusion project, and Pierre Paris, responsible of the partnership with industry, made an assessment of the state of fusion research in an interview with … Continue reading

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