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Wall Street’s Pyrrhic Victory: Self-Defeat & the Bush-League Trickery

The exposure of Bush-Cheney torture by elected officials of the United States Senate has created a new situation in which a repulsive 12 years’-period of Bush-Obama presidencies can be ended. Although there is much more to be done in prosecuting … Continue reading

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Would We Have Had a Torture Program if the ‘28 Pages’ Were Never Classified?

‘Even if one were to set aside all of the moral arguments, our review was a meticulous and detailed examination of records. It finds that coercive interrogation techniques did not produce the vital, otherwise unavailable intelligence the CIA has claimed.’ … Continue reading

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Senate Intel Report Nails Bush/Cheney Torture Program; A Jeb Bush Presidency Would Lead To World War

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the outgoing Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, delivered on her promise to publicly expose the CIA’s Bush/Cheney-era torture program—and the consequences should be deadly for the Bush dynasty. In an impassioned report to the … Continue reading

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