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Brits Try To Poison Trump-Putin Relationship by Falsely Announcing Reykjavik Meeting within Weeks

Yesterday’s Sunday Times of London reports that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have agreed to meet within a few weeks in Reykjavik, Iceland, to take the first steps on improving relations between the two countries. Both Sean Spicer, Trump’s press … Continue reading

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British Apoplectic that the U.S. Could Join the ‘Common Destiny of Mankind’ With China and Russia

Meeting with President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, October 15, 2016 in Benaulim, India.   Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Switzerland today, both for a state visit with … Continue reading

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Countdown to a New Presidency: Mobilize for Glass-Steagall

    With the inauguration two weeks away, LaRouchePAC is fully mobilized to force the restoration of Glass-Steagall onto the agenda of the new administration. A petition is being circulated by citizen activists in Ohio calling on the new administration … Continue reading

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Obama Going Down in Flames — Pass Glass-Steagall Now!

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)   DOWNLOAD PDF Both within the US and around the world, Obama is being ridiculed and denounced for his mass killing, his war crimes, his lies, and his frantic (but failing) effort at … Continue reading

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As Bitter a Failure as Hoover, Obama Should Get Out Now

Obama at the Treasury before delivering remarks on the mass shootings in Orlando, FL, June 2016. Photo: whitehouse.gov Pete Souza   DOWNLOAD PDF When President Herbert Hoover had been defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, he spent the entire … Continue reading

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Take Action Now! Enact Glass-Steagall and LaRouche’s Four Laws

DOWNLOAD PDF Lyndon LaRouche has put forth the measures for immediate priority action to be taken in the United States by the incoming President Trump and Congress. As LaRouche stated at the opening of his four laws, the measures presented … Continue reading

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Putin is the Key to This Crisis, and Trump is Rejecting the Anti-Putin Hysteria

President Elect Trump and President of Russia Putin. [Trump photo flickr/Michael Vadon] [Putin photo en.kremlin.ru]   The neo-cons in the U.S., including Obama and his controllers, are freaking out that a leaked Trump Pentagon transition memo doesn’t list Russia as … Continue reading

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Trump Electorate Need More Than Anger Now: They Need Creativity

A new viewing window recently installed on the Target Chamber of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) will allow members of the NIF team and visitors to see inside the chamber while it is vacuum-sealed for experiments. March 2011. Photo credit: … Continue reading

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Zepp-LaRouche in Copenhagen: Donald Trump and the New International Paradigm

On Monday, December 12, Helga Zepp-LaRouche was the special guest speaker at a Schiller Institute/EIR seminar in Copenhagen entitled, “Donald Trump and the New International Paradigm.” Eight diplomats from six countries attended, including two ambassadors. There were nations from Western … Continue reading

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Chronology: The ‘Blame Russia’ Operation for Election Interference Is a British Fraud

DOWNLOAD PDF The current hysteria to blame Russia for hacking and interfering in U.S. elections is no civic vigilance, but a classic British fraud operation, for the Queen to protect her Obama and avert the dumping of his failed London/Wall … Continue reading

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