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Countdown to State of the Union: Will Trump Renounce Geopolitics?

  With only eight days to go until the State of the Union, the battle for the soul of the Trump Presidency continues to rage. Despite Trump’s personal inclination towards cooperation with Russia and China, the National Defense Strategy summary … Continue reading

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Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Blasts Hillary’s Hypocrisy

Scott Ritter, who was a U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991-1998, has a column in the Huffington Post Feb. 29, blasting Hillary Clinton for lying about her vote to support George Bush’s and Tony Blair’s war on Iraq in … Continue reading

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Learn the Lessons of Brunelleschi!

  The advice for today’s world crisis? ‘Learn the lessons of Brunelleschi!’ This was the advice yesterday from Lyndon LaRouche, who expounded on Brunelleschi’s discoveries, which were in no way any continuation with past experience and thinking, but creative breakthroughs … Continue reading

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As Obama Crumbles, More Voices Are Heard for Glass-Steagall

Sept. 18 (LPAC)–The political and psychological meltdown of President Barack Obama is proceeding with breathtaking speed, greatly strengthening the prospects for forcing through the adoption of Glass-Steagall in the short run. Reflective of the cracks in the British Imperial power … Continue reading

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