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NAWAPA XXI Raised at Johns Hopkins Water Institute

On Wednesday afternoon the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies held an event on international water security titled, “Water: The Essential Link to Sustainable Development.” Attending the event was Michael Kirsch, the primary author of the 2012 NAWAPA XXI … Continue reading

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Ban Ki-Moon Announces That Geneva II Talks Will Start Jan. 22 In Geneva

Ban Ki-Moon Announces That Geneva II Talks Will Start Jan. 22 In Geneva As an immediate follow-on to the breakthrough in a first-step agreement between Iran and the P5+1 to resolve its nuclear impasse, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today … Continue reading

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Butch Valdes Speaks on Philippines Disaster

  Philippine LaRouche Society leader Butch Valdes, just days before the Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed through the central Philippines (making landfall near the very spot that Gen. MacArthur launched the famous Leyte Beach landing to liberate the nation from the … Continue reading

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Fire Obama. Repeal Obama Care. Irish and American action needed.

We should have one fist across two continents. Irish patients, doctors and nurses affected by the miserable medical budget cuts should send their testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee e mail listed below with a cc to the … Continue reading

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Obamacare literally tells people to screw themselves: Some Numbers Don’t Lie

The New York Daily News reports that critics of Obamacare who claim the law may end up screwing the people it aims to help might turn out to be right. The telephone number designed to assist people looking for more … Continue reading

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Markov: Russia Must Stop US Aggression

  Russia has adopted a winning strategy on Syria that thwarts U.S. plans to bomb Syria, will reduce the amount of chemical weapons in the world, and prevent extremists from taking power in Damascus. So writes Sergei Markov, the vice-rector … Continue reading

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Syria Turns In Its Initial Chemical Weapons Declaration

The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons confirmed, yesterday, that it has received Syria’s initial declaration of its chemical weapons stockpile. OPCW spokesman Michael Luhan told the Associated Press that the declaration is “being reviewed by our verification division,” … Continue reading

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