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Time Has Come For a New Bretton Woods, Based on LaRouche’s Four Laws

Does anyone really believe that more Quantitative Easing (QE) will solve the accelerating world financial crisis? That creating more unpayable debt, through Central Banks increasing the volumes of QE funny money surging through system, will rebuild a single bridge, a … Continue reading

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LaRouche: The British Empire Uses War and Money to Control Nations

With the sudden increase of tension between the United States and Russia in Syria , and the looming NYC infrastructure crisis about to wreak chaos in July, it’s time to remember the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche. It’s the British … Continue reading

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Financial Times DC Chief Calls for Ousting Trump To Save “The System”

Demonstrating once again that the British are controlling the Obama/Soros color revolution against the US government, the former Financial Times bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce (who is still in Washington), penned an open call for a violent insurrection against … Continue reading

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Trump Being Trapped By London and Wall Street—He Must Be Protected

Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin testifying in Congress, January 19, 2017. Photo: CSPAN   As Donald Trump begins his first week in office as President of the United States, the Western world is in a dangerous state of tumult and … Continue reading

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Trump’s Arrival Is a Global Development, Deny It Though He May

Donald J. Trump walks out to be sworn in as America’s 45th President. [Whitehouse Instagram]   DOWNLOAD PDF From German’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, comes the plaintive but very true cry, in an opinion piece in Bilt am Sonntag yesterday: … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Plan For Regime Change in Syria Means Nuclear War With Russia

Russian President Putin inspects new military equipment at the 393rd Air Force base. (photo: kremlin.ru)   One thing that Donald Trump has correct is that Hillary Clinton’s plan to impose a no-fly zone in Syria, and to prioritize “regime change” … Continue reading

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The World Has Changed — Anything Can Now Happen, but Obama Must Be Ousted

The Shanghai Skyline seen here is the location of the BRICS’s New Development Bank, one of new financing and credit organizations to replace the failed London and Wall Street models. [Ermell/wikimedia/CC0]   There were spectacular developments in Asia over the … Continue reading

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