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UK Defending Al-Qaeda on 9/11 Anniversary! Trump Was Always Right About Leaving Syria

Realities of warfare on the ground in Idlib province, Syria – June 11, 2018 (Qasioun News Agency/Screengrab)   The Schiller Institute and LaRouchePAC remain mobilized against obvious British-led attempts to organize a UK-France-U.S. missile attack against Syria, and against Russian … Continue reading

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With Brits Preparing a New False Flag in Syria, Citizens Must Choose: War or New Silk Road

As the Russians and Syrians have exposed preparations for a new false flag chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, to be blamed on Syria, the choice of war and peace is now directly posed to the people of the Trans-Atlantic … Continue reading

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Blatant British Plots Now Exposed at the U.N., and on Capitol Hill

Security Council President Karen Pierce seen here. Every 30 days, the SC requests the Secretary-General to report, on the implementation of the resolutions by all parties to the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic. Aug. 28, 2018 (Screengrab / UN) … Continue reading

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The World Must Unite To Stop the British False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria

The “White Helmets” in Kafrowaid, a village south of Idlib, March 21, 2017. (Qasioun News Agency/Youtube)   DOWNLOAD PDF The Russian and the Syrian governments have exposed over the past three days the intention of the British-backed terrorists in Syria, … Continue reading

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Good Prospects Lie Ahead; Blast Apart What’s In the Way!

The meeting between the North Korean leader and high-ranking officials and the South’s special delegation took place in the main building of the Workers’ Party of Korea in Pyongyang on March 5, 2018. Source : KOCIS(korea.net)   DOWNLOAD PDF There … Continue reading

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U.S. Opposition to Silk Road Belt is Like King Canute Trying to Stop the Tide

A very insightful article in the “Indian Punchline” blog by M.K. Bhadrakumar, notes the stark contrast between the conflict in Syria, and the arrival in Tehran of the first Chinese train along that new link of the Silk Road Belt. … Continue reading

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Treasonous Democrats Blocked Impeachment of Bush & Cheney for Political Reasons, Says Prof. Francis Boyle; and Today?

In his latest column, former U.S. Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts says that George W. Bush and Barack Obama have established the precedent that impeachment is a “dead letter law,” with both Congress and the Judiciary accepting their impotence in … Continue reading

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