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Farming the Galaxy

Benjamin Deniston, Researcher, 21st Century Science & Technology magazine, led off his remarks at the July 7 Schiller Institute Food For Peace conference by presenting Lyndon LaRouche’s refutation of “Limits to Growth,” in terms of the ability of the human … Continue reading

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China’s ‘Heavenly River’ the Future of Water

The regional government of China’s Qinghai province is investigating a proposal to transfer significant volumes of water through the sky, calling this the “tianhe” or “Heavenly River.” This very interesting project represents the next stages of mankind’s management and development … Continue reading

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Your Life in the Galaxy—Cosmoclimatology & Galactic Water Update

Image of the Earth to scale with the filament eruption. Note: the Earth is not this close to the sun, this image is for scale purposes only. Photo: NASA Goddard   The initial pioneers of the field of “cosmoclimatology,” Henrik … Continue reading

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For Use in Water-Stressed California: Israeli Desalination Success with New Technology

An article in Ensia of July 19, reprinted in the Scientific American on July 29, provides a shining example how the almost-arid Israel, using a technologically improved reverse-osmosis desalination of seawater, has become a water-surplus nation, at least as of … Continue reading

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Friday Webcast, April 1, 2016

    In the planning for tonight’s Friday webcast Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that Obama is going for the destruction of China, plain and simple. Whatever form that will take, Obama—on behalf of the British empire—is desperate to try to end … Continue reading

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It’s “Win-Win” to Stop “Kill-Kill”

As the world heads into decisive weeks on the British Empire’s desperate efforts to provoke a showdown on economic fascism and thermonuclear war, Hung Tran, the executive managing director of the Institute of International Finance–the IIF, otherwise known more simply … Continue reading

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May 1, 2015 – LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – “What is the future of mankind?”

Tonight’s webcast includes Lyndon’s response to our weekly, institutional question, and a discussion with the LaRouchePAC Science Team on the future of fresh water on earth. Governor Jerry Brown continues his push for fascist water conservation policies. Transcript: MATTHEW OGDEN: … Continue reading

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