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Leahy: NSA Is the Greatest Threat

The New York Times reports that Obama and his top advisors have concluded that they have no workable alternative to the bulk collection of huge quantities of metadata, including records of all telephone calls made inside the United States. This … Continue reading

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The NSA: The Global Vacuum Cleaner that Sucks up Everything

The New York Times and the London Guardian carry lengthy and complementary articles, today, on the depth and breadth of NSA spying across the globe, including three newly released documents, which demonstrate that there is no morsel of information too … Continue reading

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Rep. Holt, Citing Alexander Hamilton, Debunks Obama’s “False Choice” of Giving Up Liberty for Security

  11 July (LPAC) Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ), himself a former military intelligence official, has announced that he will soon introduce legislation to repeal the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act, “the laws that brought us our current surveillance … Continue reading

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Did U.S. Attorney General Holder Visit Ireland Before Going to Jail?

On 14 June, The Irish Times  reported that “Holder is in Dublin for talks with European Union home affairs and justice ministers and officials.” Referring to Edward Snowden,  Obama’s Attorney General said, ” “I can assure you that we will … Continue reading

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