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Brits: Nuclear first strike? Jolly good!

Subscribe to the new EIR YouTube channel. UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon decided to let the world know that the Theresa May government would not rule out the first-use of nuclear weapons. The British Empire is doing everything it can … Continue reading

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Who’s using chemical weapons in Syria?

    Our third in a series of interviews with Virginia state Senator Richard Black takes up the truth of who was behind the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta back in 2013 and how the threat of chemical weapons attacks … Continue reading

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‘Nuclear War Has No Winner’

Steven Starr, senior scientist for Physicians for Social Responsibility, has issued an urgently-needed warning that Americans must mobilize to prevent nuclear war, because it will be an extinction war for humanity. “The uninformed are leading the uninformed toward the abyss … Continue reading

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Confrontation Over Ukraine Is Escalating, Risking Armageddon

“The ease with which a confrontation between two nuclear powers could escalate to a strategic exchange of MIRVed ballistic missiles carrying 3 to 10 hydrogen bombs each has been glossed over during the ongoing Ukraine Crisis,” writes “Vietnam Veteran” in … Continue reading

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Russia: Obama’s Lies About Syria Like Bush’s Lies About Iraq

Russia Compares Obama’s Lies About Syrian Chemical Weapons to Bush’s Lies about Saddam Hussein’s Non-existent WMD 15 July (LPAC) To Russian officials responded promptly to the Obama administration’s provocative escalation in Syria, by announcing that Russia remains “unconvinced” that the … Continue reading

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Should Tony Blair Be Tried as a War Criminal?

“Should Tony Blair be tried as a war criminal? Majority think he was wrong to invade Iraq,” the London Daily Express tabloid stated on March 15th. Blair is generally despised throughout Britain, both as a warmonger and for the disastrous … Continue reading

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More Blair Lies on Iraq To Be Exposed by BBC’s Panorama Program

Her Majesty’s top lackey, Tony Blair, and the lies he created to launch war against Iraq will be exposed in the BBC’s Panorama program. Produced by the BBC’s award-winning investigative reporter Peter Taylor, the report will be broadcast on BBC1 … Continue reading

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4 Jan, 2013  (LPAC)–In the opening hours of the 113th Congress, Rep.Walter B. Jones (R-NC) took immediate action to try to block any action by the Executive branch to go to war, without prior consultation with Congress. Rep. Jones introduced … Continue reading

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11 Dec. (LPAC)–Hillary Mann Leverett, a Middle East expert with 20 years experience, who served in both the Clinton and Bush administrations, effectively debunked the wild British claims that the Assad regime is threatening to use chemical weapons, in a … Continue reading

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U.K.’s Hague Plays ‘Tony Blair’ in Syrian Re-Run of Wars Past

  9 Dec, (LPAC) In a baldfaced re-run of Tony Blair’s “sexed-up” dossier lies that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters today that he and the Obama Administration have seen proof that … Continue reading

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